Whilst most aspects of Exmouth history are well covered and accessible there are subjects that, for whatever reason, have been neglected. Exmouth History aims to cover some of these topics, albeit selectively and subjectively.

Surprisingly some very recent history is very sparsely recorded. Two examples that many Exmothians will be familiar with are the Clark’s factories and Exmouth Zoo, both of which have very little generally available information.

Recent articles

Beach House

Previously known as the Barn, the Beach House is a large Arts and Crafts building on Foxholes Hill in Exmouth. Pevsner refered to it as ‘a brilliant exercise in Art Nouveau domestic design’. The building Read more…

Lost pubs

Over the years Exmouth has lost a number of pubs through change of use or redevelopment. These include: Albion Inn – 38 Albion Street (Now a private house). Anchor – Tower Street. Clarence Inn – Read more…