Ghost signs are the faded advertisements of past businesses painted directly onto walls. Exmouth has a number of these, some more legible than others.

Orcombe Point Service - Exmouth ghost sign

This sign in Imperial Road, presumably targeted at visitors arriving by train, states “Orcombe Point Service starts from here”, advertising the bus service offered by Miller’s Tours in the 1950s and 1960s.

J Denford Fish & Potatoes Merchant

Now almost indecipherable, this sign in Fore Street read “J Denford Fish & Potatoes Merchant”.

Institute Pharmacy Exmouth

The sign for the Institute Pharmacy and Stephens Dispensing Chemist can be found by the entrance of the tattoo parlour at 38 Rolle street.

Manor Theatre Exmouth

Manor Theatre Exmouth

Manor Theatre St Andrew’s Road.

Engineers - Ghost sign Exmouth

A tiled, rather than painted sign in the entrance of 8 Rolle Street. The top has been covered but the sign probably belonged to F V Davey Ltd., Builders and Contractors who were certainly resident there in the early 1970s.

Ghost sign facing the Strand Exmouth

Large faded ghost sign above the Strand which advertised Exmouth’s Indoor Market.

Aladdin's Cave Sign

Not a ghost sign as Aladdin’s Cave is still going strong, but an interesting relatively recent example of a painted sign. It is located above the path running beside the Powder Monkey pub.

Ceramic tile signs in Exeter Road, Exmouth

Again, not strictly a ghost sign, but an interesting pair of ceramic tile advertisements above Picketts Fish & Chip Shop on the Exeter Road.


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